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The Higher Secondary Education serves as step towards higher education for the young persons in the age group of 16-18 Years. In this context, the council has been making a sustained effort towards a quality uniform evaluation system all over the state encompassing more than 6800 schools and over 16 lakhs students. The task has been more challenging in context of the very competitive global environment and a diverse range of subjects.

The H.S. education is a significant part of the overall education system. West Bengal has the distinction of being the pioneer in the modern education system by virtue of the influence of the great literary and social path finders. We may recall the renaissance period and the great personalities and their immense contribution.
West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
'Vidyasagar Bhavan', Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700 091
Ph. 033 - 2337 - 4984 to 87, 4283, 2337 - 9661, 4945, 2358 - 8944
Toll Free No.- 1800-1039-341
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Higher Secondary Examination, 2020 and Annual Examination of Class XI
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